Company's often face challenges to either improve decreasing performance
or to grow in order to fulfill shareholders' and other stakeholders' expectations. Acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures offer a possibility to increase a company's resources in order to achieve required growth rates.

In order to create value through increased resources, companies must avoid several pitfalls. A few of those pitfalls are: overpricing of the target, overconfidence of potentials, missing or vague strategic fit, lack of funding when needed, little access to hidden targets, organization's lack of knowledge regarding deal structures and processes, little negotiation skills, modest experience in cross-border transactions and post-deal activities.

We support strategic investors before, during, and after deals by analyzing the company's business and strategy, guide through the documentation process, identify and assess potential targets as well as their potential interest in transactions, contact and communicate with targets, negotiate the deal, and implement required activities and measures after the deal's closing.