Private companies often face significant barriers in their fundraising. There
are numerous reasons for the relative shortage of funds for private companies. However, given the right investment opportunity, equity is available for top

We work with professional investors that are looking for sophisticated companies offering a good investment opportunity. As a team with our clients, we assess the probability of being successful in our fundraising efforts. In addition, we develop a structured plan to analyze the company, develop the required background and presentations, approach potential investors, and negotiate and close the deal.

During the entire process, we focus on the success factors and train the company's team to become convincing presenters when professional investors agree to meet with the company.

Companies that fulfill following requirements are in a good position to be successful in their quest for fundraising:

- Convincing team
- Professional presentation and tools
- Patents and/or unique processes
- Knowledgeable about the fundraising process
- Good corporate structure/governance
- Existing Revenues
- Significant growth potential
- Realistic exit strategy