Asia has started to shift from a global manufacturer to a consumer driven economy that will no longer purely depend on exports. Around 4 billion
people in Asia account for almost two thirds of the world's consumers.
Those consumers become increasingly wealthy and account for about 40%
of global retail spending.

China is among the main drivers for Asian growth and is about to become the largest retail market in the world, while the country has become already the largest market for mobile phones as well as household products. China's growth is estimated to exceed 8% for several years; however, growth in private consumption is expected to be closer to 10% during the same time period.

Our experience in China expands over a decade. We have accumulated experience with public Chinese companies that are listed on international stock markets. We have developed a good understanding of Chinese companies due to our activities on Chinese Boards including responsibilities for strategies, organization, finances, audit, and corporate governance. However, our activities involve not only China but several other Asian countries offering excellent opportunities.